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Derek Jeter Cheating Scandal Exposed; Yankees To Trade Clint Frazier And Miguel Andujar?

For many years, everyone thought that Derek Jeter was squeaky clean. He was the kind of person you wanted as the face of your organization because he was never in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, Jeter could not withhold that image as he eventually was proven a cheater.

In September of 2010, Derek did the unthinkable. He cheated. Nobody would have ever expected it from him. In a game against Tampa Bay, Jeter claimed to have been hit by a pitch from Rays’ relief pitcher Chad Qualls late in the game. Jeter doubled over and clutched his arm in pain. After reviewing the instant replay, it was evident that Qualls had hit the knob of Jeter’s bat, not Jeter himself. Jeter decided to take being hit just so he could make it on base.

Pretending to get beaned by a baseball is the very essence of cheating. Jeter should not be in the MLB Hall of Fame and should change his last name from Jeter to Cheater.

In other MLB news, there has been speculation that the New York Yankees may be trading Clint Frazier and Miguel Andujar. Check out the video below to learn more about the potential trade possibilities and where they could conceivably end up!

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