This week in the NFL has been all about Deebo Samuel. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week and a half or so, let’s review. First, Deebo Samuel was one of a few elite wide-outs who were holding out on practicing until he was given a new contract. Then, earlier this week, he requested to be traded. Now the talk of the town seems to be which team he will sign with.

Samuel is a jack of all trades utility player for San Francisco’s 49er team. He does it all. He runs, he catches, and he definitely scores. He has ten touchdowns in his three-year career, with over half of those coming in the last year. While his dynamic, bruiser style is valuable to his team’s success, it can have a major effect on a player’s longevity in the NFL. Player’s careers are cut short every year by injuries. Many believe this is the reason his contract asking price is so high. He knows the statistics.

Raiders’ quarterback, Derek Carr knows the statistics as well. He sees the value Samuel brings to the 49ers:

Carr, Jacobs, Renfrow, and Waller. Now, could you imagine throwing Samuel into that mix? That would be a defensive coordinator’s nightmare! However, Carr seems more than satisfied with his WR1 and just wants to see the man paid.

I guess this means we will have the possibilities to discuss for a few more days.


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