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Derek Carr In The Pro Bowl Could Be Costly To The Raiders

Raiders QB Derek Carr was named to the Pro Bowl on Tuesday and if something were to happen at the game it would be the Raiders responsibility to pay him in 2023.

The Raiders are looking to trade Carr. They are hoping to find a partner to deal him to, so they can recoup some of the money on his contract and get some cap relief.

Carr is about to hit an enormous escalator. A huge one. His salary in 2022 was $17.4M and it was set to jump to $32.9M. It’s highly unlikely a team will either trade for that contract, or sign him to that amount of money.

If Carr was injured, he would collect $1.93M a week until he’s able to return to the field. If he’d have to miss an entire season, getting paid a full Thirty Three Million Dollars for doing absolutely nothing.

Raiders QB Derek Carr (4). Photo courtsey of Heidi Fang/Las Vegas Review-Journal

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