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Denver Broncos DB Mike Ford Throws Shade At Former Team And Current Detroit Lions Players Like Post

Written by TrevStone

Current Denver Broncos special teams player Mike Ford was cut by the Detroit Lions at the start of the 2021 season. A couple days later he ended up landing with Denver and since then he ended up on IR. Today the pettiness started. After Detroit lost going to a record of 0-8 and Denver squeezed out a win against Washington he decided to post regarding it. Throwing shade at the Lions for being cut.

He posted an image captioning it: 4 mo then 0 #victory – Clearly talking about Denver having four wins and Detroit having zero.

Let me remind you he has three tackles on the season. I’ll be honest. I don’t mind Mike Ford as a football player, actually I’d say I was one of his biggest supporters at one time. But this is so petty. So I figured I’d comment just that. He commented back but then deleted it. Another petty move.

Imagine if this dude ends up being cut by Denver? What’s he going to do then? Cry about being cut there? Doesn’t make much sense.

I understand wanting to prove people wrong but having this ‘I’m better than you because ___’ doesn’t make much sense. It’s not like you were this star who was expected to make the roster anyway. Why not be thankful for an opportunity. Which helped you land in Denver. Also especially when you’ve hardly stepped onto the field. What happens if someday he ends up in free agency with no place to sign and Detroit was going to sign him again… but now they’re not going to because of things like this. It might get you a couple likes now but it might hurt your opportunities later on.

Oh yeah, seeing we are talking about a couple likes. You wouldn’t believe this.

Current Detroit Lions players are liking the post. So far there has been Amani Oruwariye and Will Harris. Imagine being 0-8, someone is talking shit about you and your teammates and you like it? I don’t care if Mike Ford is ‘your boy’ he is literally TALKING SHIT about your team. You’re 0-8. And you’re liking this? C’mon! I mean Amani and Will are you joking? You have fans invested in your team and you’re liking posts of other players making fun of your record. Your record reflects YOU.

Hey Will… Hey Amani… You two aren’t stars and you’re 0-8! I wonder what Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes think about this stuff. You have players literally liking posts talking bad about you and your team. We will have to wait and see if anything comes out of this and if more current Lions like the post.

Update: Two more players liked it. DaShawn Hand and Dean Marlowe.

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