Dennis Rodman Nearly Stole Vladimir Putins Girl While Partying In Russia – @nelkboys @fullsendpodcast @KyleForgeard @BobMenery @dennisrodman

Written by TrevStone

Dennis Rodman is a man who knows everyone! He was as star on the basketball court and he’s been a star off the court!

Recently he jumped on the Full Send podcast which is hosted by Nelk Boys: Kyle Forgeard, Salim The Dream, and former voice of Buffalo Wild Wings, Bob Menery and Rodman shared some stories that everyone has to hear.

If you know anything about the Nelk Boys they love to party and the entire episode is filled with talk about ladies but one story that had everyone freaking out is that Dennis Rodman nearly stole Vladimir Putin’s girl while he was partying in Russia.

“Putin, he is cool as fuck man. I was over there a couple years ago and he had like thirty girls……. he had the hottest girls in the world… he had all the Bentleys, cars… We went to this one club and this girl said that she’d love to get with you Dennis, but I can’t but I have to go deal with Putin.”

What a wild story. Could you imagine just being around some like Putin? Or Kim Jong-un? At the end of the podcast Rodman actually gave them a little hope to someday having Kim Jong-un on the podcast saying that he someday wants to come to the US and that Rodman has brought someone there before but it cost nearly $5,000,000 a person.

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