The Dallas Cowboys are the most overrated franchise in all of sports. They have not accomplished anything in close to thirty years.

Their fan base is the most delusional in the NFL. They overrate their players big time. Well, it starts from the top, owner Jerry Jones compared his average NFL QB Dak Prescott to the greatest QB of All Time Tom Brady.

Comparing anyone to Brady is a stretch. His list of feats and accomplishments is lengthy. Prescott should never be mentioned with Brady. A better comparison for him is Kirk Cousins or Derek Carr.

Brady had three Super Bowl rings by the time he was 27-years-old. Prescott is 29, and he is 2-4 in playoff games in his seven NFL seasons.

Jones forgets that Brady won four of his seven rings after age 37, but his idea that Prescott can reach that level simply does not make sense or is supported by numbers.

Despite missing five games in 2022, Prescott tied for the league-lead in interceptions with 15. He also failed to advance past the Divisional Round for the second consecutive postseason, a barrier the organization hasn’t overcome since 1995.

The insanity of this franchise never ends. They feed their fans nonsense and they lap it up. Jerry Jones is like Jim Jones and the Cowboy drink his kool aid. They call themselves “America’s Team”, when they should be referred to as America’s Clown Show.”

Photo courtsey of TMZ Sports


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