Deion Sanders Showing Off On The Bench Press

Written by Tony Ghaul

Colorado Buffaloes Head Coach and Pro Football Hall-of-Famer Deion Sanders rolled into the weight room on his segway and issued a challenge.

Coach Prime said that he could out-bench his assistant Sam Malone, his son Deion ‘Bucky’ Jr., and wide receivers coach Rashad ‘Shadd’ Davis.

The 55 year-old Sanders had two toes removed as part of a surgical procedure to save one of his legs and has had to segway his way around campus.

Malone went first and hit one rep of 245 pounds. Bucky went second and couldn’t get 245. Coach Shadd went third and threw up four reps of 245.

Without warming up, Sanders took his spot on the bench and threw up six reps of 245 pounds with only a little bit of struggle on the fifth and sixth. And he did it while wearing a hoodie, winter jacket, gold chains, a hat and sunglasses.

Coach Prime casually hopped back on his scooter and pulled away as if he hadn’t just dominated the bench.

It was typical Deion Sanders. He excels at pretty much everything he does, and does it in a cool way.

Colorado Head Coach Deion Sanders. Phot courtsey of OutKick

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