Deion Sanders taking over at Jackson State has been huge and during the NFL draft the Detroit Lions selected one of his players and Sanders wasn’t happy afterwards. Why? Because Detroit didn’t post any of the highlights of James Houston’s time at Jackson State.

Little did we know that Detroit actually didn’t have permission to post the highlights because Jackson State never actually signed off on it.

So as much as I’d like to say I understand where Deion is coming from, I can’t. Deion has been a hater of the Lions since day one and that isn’t changing anytime soon.

But what’s frustrating even more? The fact that he made it seem like it’s because they’re an HBCU school. But in reality, Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes played at that same level. So please Deion, tell me why Holmes and the Lions organization would do that on purpose?

If anything I thought he’d be congratulating the Lions on getting one of his best players. But instead here we are talking about Deion hating Detroit. Something that we’ve already known about.

But for the post on Deion’s Instagram mentioning the quote he said about Detroit 20+ years ago, just shows that’s what was on their mind. And obviously not on the Lions – Detroit got a guy they wanted. A player who came from HBCU. People want things perfect but in reality it always can’t be.

Deion and his team overreacting? I’d sure say so.


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