Deion Sanders Gave His Players Sunglasses Before Colorado’s Big Game Tomorrow

Written by Tony Ghaul

Today Colorado Head Coach Deion Sanders handed out sunglasses every Colorado football player ahead of Saturdays’ game against Colorado State.

Sanders did this in response to comments made by Colorado State Head Coach Jay Norvell’s criticism of him for not removing his hat and sunglasses when talking to people.

Coach Prime took those comments personally and is now using them as fuel to fire up his players for Saturday’s big rivalry game.

Sanders said that Norvell now made this personal. This is one of the reasons that each player received sunglasses from their Head Coach. He has his own brand of sunglasses through Blenders.

“They messed around and made it personal,” said Sanders to his team. “I just want to say how y’all look. You look good. You look fly. … They don’t realize that they also just helped me with business. But it’s also going to be personal.”

Coach Prime has turned around the Colorado Buffaloes in quick fashion. They are the biggest story in college football, so far this season. The Buffaloes are off to 2-0 start after winning just one game all of last season.

The Colorado State Head Coach may have just poked the bear. Coach Prime’s Buffaloes are taking this game personally. Expect some fireworks tomorrow.

Colorado Head Coach Deion Sanders. Photo courtesy of Cliff Grassmick/Staff Photographer

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