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Death Stranding Gets Official Cover Art During San Diego Comic-Con

Written by Robert Workman

Hideo Kojima already surprised fans earlier this year by announcing a release date for his long-awaited epic adventure Death Stranding for PlayStation 4 later this year. But during this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, he surprised fans once again, this time with a first look at the official box art for both the regular and Steelbook editions of the game, which are coming this November.

First up is the regular version, which you can see below. It features Sam Bridges on the cover, who must “brave a world utterly transformed by the Death Stranding, and save mankind by reconnecting a fractured society,” according to the PlayStation Blog.

But then you have the Steelbook art, which actually tells a much darker story. There’s a more frightening look at Sam in this art, with even more darkness covering his face.

The Steelbook version of the game will be available with both the Special Edition of the game for $69.99, as well as the Collector’s Edition, which will be $199.99. Those can be pre-ordered here, though prices may vary depending on region. If you prefer, you can just get the regular version for $59.99.

Kojima had a great panel with director Nicolas Winding Refn during San Diego Comic-Con this evening, where he discussed several parts of the game and debuted new footage. Though it’s not online just yet, it should be soon enough.

Death Stranding will make its debut on PlayStation 4 starting November 8. We can’t wait to see what unfolds!

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