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DeadSpin and Rob Parker Are Using Matthew Stafford For Clicks Regarding Him Being White – Deadspin Is Dead! Fuck You @RobParkerFS1

Written by TrevStone

As you fucking kidding me right now? Is Rob Parker really this stupid? Yes, he is that stupid.

Literally every time I ever see something by Rob Parker, I lose a couple of brain cells. I makes sense that he’s writing for Deadspin now because that company has went bankrupt and I thought out of business. Who knows maybe they’re paying Rob Parker enough to wipe his ass, but I doubt it. Rob Parker has worked for about every media network, ever. But he can never stick around. It makes sense that he was suspended and later fired by ESPN after his ‘racially-tinged’ comments. I have been a huge support of the Black Lives Matter movement and comments like this just divide people more apart.

He’s finally sticking around somewhere now that he’s at Deadspin. The company that will turn anything around for clicks. If it’s not targeting Barstool Sports and Dave Portnoy now they’re targeting Matthew Stafford for being…. white.

Anyone with a single BRAIN CELL knows that Matthew Stafford wasn’t the problem during his time in Detroit. But here I am again, writing about how fucking dumb DeadSpin is.

Oh and yesterday? He made a blog to Rams fans, meet Stat Padford!

Don’t forget… he’s been saying this for years now. This isn’t anything new. Hell six years ago he was saying that his time was up in Detroit. I wish that if anything Rob Parkers time was up covering Detroit in any aspect. The dude stinks!

I don’t get how people like Rob are in the business still. Constantly hating. Maybe that’s why his engagement on Twitter is worse than anyone else with 57K, a checkmark, and working for every single media network. It’s probably why he constantly bounces around. It’s probably why people are sick of hearing about ‘Rob Parker’ I don’t even want to type about this anymore because I’m so damn annoyed by his race baiting, lies.

As I finish typing this, I wonder if… this should be the last time I ever mention Rob on this blog. I’ve blogged about him being an idiot a couple of times now and nothing changes. Oh well, what can we do? I know what you can do. Click the button below and follow PSE on Twitter!

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