Written by Noah Gagnon

Tuffy, our king, our savior, our sweet prince, has died. The beloved NC State mascot Tuffy, died peacefully in his sleep on October 28, and The Wolfpack will take the field in his honor tonight. This marks NC State’s first game since Tuffy’s passing, so you know the boys will have a little extra juice in their steps out their this evening.

So, you know what to do, reach deeeeeepppp into your pockets, deep into your wallet, deep into your bank account, and throw everything you got on the pack tonight. It is THE number one rule of gambling. If a mascot dies the week of the game, you bet the house. Honestly, we’ve got a lot of Miami fans at this company, and I can only Imagine those boys are quaking after hearing the news of Tuffy II.

STAT: Teams whose mascots pass away the week of the game are 192-0-4 ATS in games following the death. *

Yup. Numbers don’t lie. NC State+10.5, put the kids college on it.

*That stat was a lie.

This should not discourage you from taking NC State. Roll Pack.

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