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DDT Results 7/3/20: Saki Akai vs. Meiko Satomura

Notes: With so much other pro wrestling news over the last couple of weeks, I haven’t been able to recap the past few DDT shows. There have been some title changes in that time. Antonio Honda won the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title from Danshoku Dino in a Rumble style Battle Royal on 6/20/20 on “DDT TV Show #7. Dino won the title back on the same show with a schoolboy for the pin. Kazusada Higuchi, Saki Akai, and Yuki Sakaguchi won the KO-D 6-man Tag Titles from Tetsuya Endo, T-Hawk, and El Lindaman in the main event when Higuchi pinned Lindaman after the Goten in 18:16. Chris Brookes pinned Daisuke Sasaki to win the DDT Universal Title in 24:04 on 6/27/20 on “DDT TV Show #8”.

DDT “See You At DDT 2020” from Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 at Shinjuku FACE on 7/3/20 live on WRESTLE UNIVERSE

Toru Owashi and Yukio Naya won a 4-Way Tag Team Match over Shunma Katsumata and Yuki Iino… Danshoku Dino and Kazuki Hirata… Keigo Nakamura and Tomomitsu Matsunaga when Owashi pinned Hirata with a schoolboy in a few seconds when Hirata was dancing to the cameras during his entrance. Hirata asked for a rematch as everyone else started to walk back to the locker room. It turned into an 8-man tag with Danshoku Dino, Kazuki Hirata, Toru Owashi, and Tomomitsu Matsunaga beating Shunma Katsumata, Yuki Iino, Keigo Nakamura, and Yukio Naya when Hirata pinned Nakamura after a driver in 5:18.

Kazusada Higuchi and Yukio Sakaguchi beat Mizuki Watase and Hideki Okatani when Higuchi submitted Okatani to a Canadian Backbreaker in 8:53.

Daisuke Sasaki and Soma Takao beat Antonio Honda and HARASHIMA when Sasaki pinned Honda with an inside cradle in 8:15 after Honda tripped over everyone and Sasaki poked him in the eyes.

Chris Brookes pinned Maku Donaruto after the Praying Mantis Bomb in 8:17. After the match, DDT Extreme Champion Shinya Aoki came out to the ring as Donaruto was still laid out on the mat. Aoki asked him to be his challenger for the 7/23 show at Korakuen Hall. Donaruto said he wasn’t in any condition to give an answer but DDT producer Hisaya Imabayashi went ahead and booked the match anyway.

Jun Akiyama and Makoto Oishi beat Konosuke Takeshita and Akito when Oishi submitted Akito to a knee lock in 14:21.

Yuki Ueno and Naomi Yoshimura beat Tetsuya Endo and Mad Paulie when Ueno pinned Paulie after a moonsault in 12:30. Ueno cut a promo afterwards challenging Edno for the KO-D Openweight Title.

Meiko Satomura pinned Saki Akai after a DVD and the Scorpio Rising in 13:03. This was Akai’s seventh and final Okiybariyasu match. Her best of seven series began in November. She beat Sakura Hirota, Miranda Gordy, Saori Anou and lost to Tsukasa Fujimoto, Rina Yamashita, Syuri, and Satomura to finish at 3-4. They shook hands and bowed to each other when it was over. Satomura said this was her first match in three months because of the virus pandemic and she thanked Akai for the match. Akai thanked her for being the last opponent in the series.

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