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DDP Yoga is Going to Save My Life

For the majority of my adult life, I have been considerably overweight. Morbidly obese if you go by BMI charts. In 2016, I made a concerted effort to lose a considerable amount of weight. I topped out at nearly 406lbs at the time, an all-time high. The dieting and nutrition were not the hard part for me to grasp, it was finding the motivation to exercise. Once you hit that size, doing nearly just about anything is physically taxing. Just walking up the steps is a chore, so starting a new workout program was going to be tough for me.

As a fan of professional wrestling for many years, one of my favorite performers of all time was Diamond Dallas Page. Talk about a true underdog story in the business. DDP literally built his way from the ground up and is one of my favorite success stories in the business. The energy and electricity he brought to his promos were second to none. When I learned DDP had retired from wrestling and more or less became a Yoga Instructor of sorts, I thought it was a bit odd. But after reading more about DDP Yoga, I was surprised to learn that yoga is not just for women, but for anybody. I figured combining my love for wrestling with working out seemed like a good idea.

I started watching the first DDP Yoga DVD and I fell in love with it. DDP was right. No matter what shape or size you are, anybody can do this work out. DDP’s energy throughout the workouts is contagious. After a while, I dropped nearly 30lb and was well on my way to the weight loss I desired. But after a while I started making excuses and justifying why I could skip workouts and eat things I shouldn’t. Even though I loved the product, I fell out of love with putting in the hard work.

Fast forward nearly five years later and I find myself in an Emergency Room lobby. For several months, I had been having fluid buildup in my body. It started in my feet, and I just assumed that being overweight and sitting at a desk all day caused the edema. But then, it slowly started to pool in my legs. From there, my abdomen began filling with fluid as did my scrotum. Something just wasn’t right. I went back into the ER, and the first thing they did was weigh me. I clocked in at a staggering 462lbs. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I knew the core of it had to be fluid I was retaining, but regardless, that number was astronomical. From there, they took my blood pressure, and it came in at 265/151. Mind you, a normal reading should be close to the 120/80 range. My blood pressure was through the roof, and the doctors and nurses around me were anticipating I was going to have a massive stroke. The blood pressure put so much stress on my heart, it put me into temporary heart failure. The excess fluid coupled with my regular urine output was too much for my kidneys to handle, and I am currently in Stage 3 kidney failure.

The good news out of all of this is that any damage that was done to my body is 100% reversible. There was no real damage to the heart, but the kidney needs work. I also measured close to the diabetic range on the A1C scale. Now, I have an army of doctors that have told me the weight loss needs to happen, and it needs to happen now. If I want to survive and live a lengthy life, changes must be made. The way to do it is by eating a low sodium and carbohydrate diet, coupled with a good exercise regimen.

Five years later, DDP Yoga has become an instrumental part of my life. I recalled how much success I had years prior doing the program. This time around I have to stick to the workouts. It’s literally a “do or die” situation. When I entered the hospital on February 6th, I weighed 462 lbs. Today, with the help of a low sodium/carb diet and doing DDP Yoga twice a day, I am now down to 412lbs. In a little over two weeks, I have dropped 50lbs. Granted, a healthy part of the loss was fluid intake. However, it is undeniable that I would not be as far down the road as I am without the help of DDP Yoga.

Even five years later, Page’s energy is still keeping me motivated. Oftentimes when I am doing the workouts, it almost feels like he is the right there in the room cheering me on. I think what appeals to me most is that Page genuinely seems to care about each and every one of his customers and he revels in their success and often times via social media makes himself available to those that may need an inspirational word.

If you’re in a situation whereby you are struggling with weight loss or are just looking for a new workout routine to shake things up a bit, I highly encourage you take a look at DDP Yoga. You will be surprised how quickly you fall in love with it.

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