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David Dobrik Titling A Video “Let’s Talk” And Disabling Comments Is Hilarious… But The Situation Around It Isn’t

Written by TrevStone

Whenever allegations popup it’s always a very touchy subject. Yikes. Maybe I should have worded that differently.

And when it comes to David Dobrik, an influencer that nearly everyone knows things are going to blow up quickly. He might be the most popular ‘influencer’ he’s a full celebrity now.

Recently there have been some sexual assault allegations related to a number of his past videos with members of the Vlog Squad!

Dobrik addressed this in a recent video titled ‘Let’s Talk’ but Dobrik didn’t plan on talking with everyone. Right away he disabled the comments which just showed to me that he didn’t want to ‘talk’ he just wanted to get his side out.

Kind of strange. You’d think he’d have posted it and allowed the hate to come in.

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