David Dobrik Nearly Killed Jeff Wittek In Wild Film Stunt

Written by TrevStone

David Dobrik is officially on the list of creators who I’ll no longer support. I won money from an app that David and Logan Paul were sharing around about a year ago. I won $10,000. I always watched Logan Paul but not as much David. I always found him to be fake.

Recently everyone has heard about all of the allegations about Dobrik and his team but most recently Jeff Wittek who is a popular content creator, came forward about something that happened between him and Dobrik. Dobrik asked Wittek to participate in a stunt after Corinna Koph backed out midway through it. Wittek agreed to do it.

David had an excavator in a lake that is said to be about a foot deep:

David standing in front of the excavator

Corinna Kopf can be seen yelling, “You take things too far, always,” seemingly to David, after the rope starts slipping down.

Dobrik was planning on having a big come back with stunts and you can watch Jeff talk about it here and show footage including having to skydive 25 times. Including one jump where the wind picked up and he had to land in another persons field.

The end of the video gets very scary when they’re on the rope in the lake that’s 1 foot deep. Dobrik ended up having Jeff going really fast while he was hanging on and next thing you know, an accident that changed Jeff’s life forever happened:

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