Former NFL QB and NFL Network Analyst David Carr went to whole other level of stupid takes. This former No. 1 overall pick in 2002, who ended being a draft bust, makes a statement that the Philadelphia Eagles should bench Jalen Hurts for Marcus Mariota.

This is one most ludicrous takes that I have heard. The Eagles are 10-2. They just lost their second game this past Sunday.

I know that the loss was ugly, but it’s just one game. This knucklehead wants them to bench Hurts? He’s among the candidates for the MVP award and has led the Eagles to some amazing comebacks this year.

Hurts took the Eagles to the Super Bowl last year and was the best player on the field in the 38-35 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

I mean Hurts is 26-4 as a starter, since the beginning of last year and Carr wants to put him on the bench.

Carr has taken too many hits to the head. I can’t believe that the NFL Network puts this guy on the air.

He should suggest that the Saints bench his brother for Jameis Winston. Derek Carr has not accomplished anything as a starter.

Photo courtesy of KNBR


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