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David Blough Is So Much Better Than Tim Boyle – Blough Should Move Up On The Detroit Lions Depth Chart! – Here Is Why #OnePride

Written by TrevStone

If you’re a Detroit Lions fan and you’ve watched any of the preseason you’d have realized by now that former Green Bay Packers quarterback Tim Boyle stinks! Last game he was terrible and couldn’t get the team down field. I hate to say it but Boyle straight up sucked! There was so spark on offense – the defense had to stay on the field forever.

The Lions decided to start Boyle last preseason game and he failed to score not only that he failed to move the ball. He played the entire first half and a drive in the second half. The drive in the second half didn’t do anything. I’m hoping Detroit was giving him that second half opportunity to see if he could move the ball down the field on worse players, guess what? He couldn’t. Right after Boyle came out and David Blough came in Detroit drove right down the field.

I think that Detroit really needs to move Blough up on the depth chart. At this point it’s obvious that Blough is performing well. Lets Blough start and see what he can do against some of the first string guys in week three.

It was easy to see the difference in comfortability in the pocket and how Blough was able to get out of some of those situations with his mobility and his eyes down field still.

Lions fans were calling for Boyle to be cut right after the game. And I agree. I’d rather have Don Mulhbach on the team still than Boyle. Joking. But I’m not.

The Detroit Lions media team realized Blough out played Boyle as they uploaded a short highlight tape of Blough’s ‘almost’ comeback:

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