Dave Portnoy is the Pizza King of the Free World. There is simply no other way around it.

I have been watching the Barstool Pizza reviews for a couple of years now, and somehow Dave Portnoy has found a way to take something as simple as reviewing pizza around the country and has made it “must see” content. Apparently I am not the only one to think this, as Portnoy’s pizza reviews are about to top 37M in views. I guess they call him Davey Pageviews for a reason.

I think what is so great about the reviews is that no matter who is on camera with him, Portnoy’s demeanor does not change. He has had many celebrities and athletes on his mini series, and has no problem calling them out if their review was a rookie score. Essentially, Portnoy does not blow smoke up his guests ass and more often than not ridicules them for not being a pizza professional like himself. The show would not be what it is without the excellent camera skills of his sidekick Frankie Borrelli. When Frankie is missing, it’s certainly noticeable. Nobody wants Spider to hold the camera.

Dave and I share the very same taste, a coal fired crispy pizza ala New Haven Style. If you think there is a better style of pizza, well you’re simply wrong. With that said, I have learned a tremendous amount about the various styles of pizza since Portnoy launched this series. Whether its the square style of Old Forge, PA, the cracker thin style of St. Louis, and even the thick but not quite deep dish style of Detroit. Who know there were so many different variations of pizza around the country?

Portnoy is not just a pizza enthusiast. The man is an educator. He is doing God’s work by traveling all across the country reviewing pizza places so the rest of us can simply check the scores out on his app and determine whether or not places are worth visiting. The Barstool One Bite app is all encompassing. You have the ability to watch all of Dave’s prior reviews and even post your own reviews and scores.

Just be sure to use a decimal point in your score. The last thing you want is the Pizza King to lambaste you for being a rookie.

I do have on question though. What in the world does he do with every pizza when he’s done eating the one slice?


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