Dave Portnoy is the very epitome of living the American Dream. He is a hero to many and hated by others. But those who hate him suck at life. If you hate him, its because you ain’t him.

Portnoy started Barstool Sports with little to nothing and has grown it into the empire that it is today. While he does not own 100 percent of the company, he resides as the organization’s President does nothing but continue to grow the product by leaps and bounds.

Portnoy’s physique has changed over the years during his time working at Barstool. In the early days, it was safe to say that Dave did not take care great care of himself. But nowadays, Portnoy is very physically fit and because of that, has been able to attract some very hot women over the years.

Below we will take a look at Portnoy’s significant others and rank them like he does his pizza, from 1 to 10. Of course there will be no round numbers, as rookie scores are not tolerated.

Silvana Mojica-

This is Portnoy’s current girlfriend, a gorgeous model out of Columbia. There isn’t a lot of discussion needed here as the picture below will do much more justice than any words I can write.

SCORE: 9.3

Jordyn Hamilton

I think everybody who follows Dave Portnoy remembers Jordyn Hamilton. The two dated for quite some time until Hamilton allegedly cheated on him. We’ll never know what exactly happened, but one thing is for certain. She is definitely not Dave’s hottest girlfriend of all time.

SCORE- 8.1

Shannon St. Clair-

Portnoy was reportedly dating Shannon St. Clair, a former cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles. The two were spotted together many times in Miami. It is unknown if they were ever official, but they definitely had a fling at a minimum.

SCORE- 8.7

Renee Portnoy-

Ahh yes, the ex wife of El Presidente. Renee Portnoy. Renee is a beautiful woman. I am sure she is also a wonderful person. But let’s be real. We’re being pigheaded here and basing these women purely off their looks. While Renee is not bad looking, it is hard to compete with the above mentioned women.

SCORE- 6.9

Sydney Raines-

I think most people will also remember Sydney Raines, the girl who most recently starred opposite of Portnoy in his latest sex tape that hit the light of day. Were they ever officially an item? Who knows, but it is fairly evident that they two had at least a fling.

SCORE- 8.5

There you have it folks. It appears that the winner is Portnoy’s current girlfriend, Silvana Mojica with a score of a whopping 9.3.


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