Davey Pageviews is at it again. The man with unlimited money and unlimited plugs love for small business.

Time and time again, as Dave is single handedly trying to change people’s lives daily (and is accomplishing it) he continues to get the “but their past tweets…” from every single news publication on earth. Absolute horseshit, but that is besides the point with what happened tonight.

When are people going to learn, that if you are going to swing at the King, you better not fucking miss. This time it was Vogue Magazine with an excerpt from one of their articles:

I mean, what are we doing here? You have no chance of winning against this 2x bee sting survivor and former US Open champion. Dave has mastered the art of the Bagwell clap back, as well as being absolute teflon against his haters, and at this point, you only help him with negativity. Absolute brainless morons who have been feeding into the pirate ship for 15+ years while thinking they are being cute and cheeky with their flat (Frank The Tank in a sunday football chair style) one liners.

As if life couldn’t get any better, Davey fueled thousands of tweets and rumors after posting that he was busy being a hundred millionaire with ROCKET Anitta. A girl who has spilled more South American seed than the Andes flight disaster of 1972 (learn your history kids). To the moon Davey, what a glow up from the Panera baguette eating 24/18/12/6 attempting ghoul we all came to know and love. God Bless America.

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