Dave Portnoy vs Alex Stein Is Getting Very Strange

Earlier today Barstool Sports posted a video that was taken by Alex Stein as he was in Las Vegas and posted a parody video. It was absolutely hilarious and went viral. Barstool later took the video down due to Alex Stein making gambling jokes. Seeing Barstool is now owned by Penn National Gaming, Barstool founder, Dave Portnoy needed to make sure it went down. And now? He decided it’s time to go toe to toe with Alex Stein. Above has the original video. Alex posted that it’s weird that Barstool would take it down seeing Portnoy has been accused of some wild things. And Portnoy tweeted back: Buddy shut the fuck up. We are owned by a gambling company. We’ve had roughly 9000 training sessions not to post shit like this cause regulators don’t like it. @stoolsalesguy was too busy chewing gum and posted it without watching it. Go back to whatever hole you crawled out of https://t.co/tdxjDf2g5Q — Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente) August 23, 2022 I fucking hate this guy @alexstein99 and will now actively root for his demise. — Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente) August 23, 2022 I’m sure you would have preferred if I was aborted https://t.co/9dET9b717G — Alex Stein … Continue reading Dave Portnoy vs Alex Stein Is Getting Very Strange