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Dave Portnoy To Decide On Young Pageviews Feature At Barstool Sports Today

Written by JohnnyB

If you are a fan of barstool sports, you know when it’s a shtic when Dave’s upset abs when it’s not. It’s WWE type great sell jobs of beefs. I still don’t know if Brandon Walker’s and Devlin’s beef, coined “The Push” was real or not. Witch is was makes Barstool the greatest reality TV in the world.

This might be a better beef then that. It’s between the King of Paigviews and his former protégé Young Paigeviews AKA YP. This is a betrayal beef on both sides, both questioning the other’s loyalty. YP use to be the brains behind the amazingly successful weekly show “Stool Scenes” and hardened member of Team Portnoy. As all talented padawans do, they want to leave the nest and make it on their own. YP in the background was building and growing, Barstool Outdoors. A sector of the demographic that Barstool hasn’t reached yet. Even catching fish in the middle of the biggest city in America.

After a meteoric rise after the success of season 1 of Barstool Outdoors and his team winning the Stanley Cup, some say YP has been slacking. During quarantine he hasn’t been in the office, or getting in the mix. In the eyes of Dave Portnoy he has been galavanting around the United States on Barstool’s dime and not doing his job. Dave getting so mad and spiteful he posted this.

YP has said he is filming two seasons of Outdoors and this is just a miscommunication on several occasions. The problem and straw that broke the camels back was YP didn’t push merch or have any new merch in for the mega telethon for Cyber Monday. One of the most important days in barstool for selling merch and pushing new products. The tweets and videos bellow will show you the need in real time.

As you can see if this a another WWE type promo these two deserve and Oscar. The beef is real and I’m afraid for YP’s job and for the Barstool Outdoors brand. It’ll all play out today and over the weekend. Let’s watch it burn! Comment and repost who you think is right! One thing for certain you don’t cross Portnoy.

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