Dave Portnoy to Award Jeff Nadu a ‘Lifetime Contract’ if He Wins Match Against Jersey Jerry | @stoolpresidente @JeffNadu

Written by Nate

‘The Big Man on Campus,’ Jeff Nadu, is set to face off against Jersey Jerry tonight at Rough N Rowdy 16 Friday night; and the ‘El Presidente’ of Barstool, Dave Portnoy, has added a little incentive to Nadu in his match.

Portnoy tweeted out that if Nadu does goes on to win his match, he’ll receive a lifetime contract to Barstool Sports.

It’s very possible that Nadu can earn that contract by landing some good punches in the fight. Jeff spoke to TrevStone, Schultzy, and Austen Lange on our recent live stream and being viewed as an underdog, believes he is confident that he can beat Jerry at Rough N Rowdy 16.

As we do blog often about Barstool Sports and their craziness, we wish Jeff the best of luck in his fight tonight!

If you’d like to view Nadu’s fight at Rough N Rowdy, feel free to click on the link in Portnoy’s tweet below:

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