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Dave Portnoy: The Hero NYC Needs. Mayor Portnoy, Man of The People.

Written by JohnnyB

Apparently the genius minds of the the New York City government are shutting down restaurants in door dining. This will leave 1000’s of kitchen, serving, managing, and valets out of work. Oh not to mention the backbone of America the small business owners who most will not recover from another round of shut downs. It comes at a time when the cold weather is moving in and ain’t nobody sitting outside even if there is outside dining available, and in New York City there aren’t too many places that offer it because well it’s expensive. So now they are putting 1000’s out of work and business owners will lose everything. They have no voice, their government officials are just doing what they think is best. What’s best? So far in almost a year of coronavirus protocols hurting the American people’s right to make a living, the government has helped so much. Yes $1200 for each American to last 12 months. Thanks guys. I’m not one for hand outs at all, but I’m also in the restaurant industry and lost my job. Thank god I was able to grab a job after a few months because the government in Florida actually lets the people decide their own lives.

In New York City I guess their beautiful government just shuts down restaurants and doesn’t give a fuck about the workers. Yes you can get unemployment and still not pay your bills oh and here’s a 100 a month from the douche bags in Congress. What the fuck is going on? Let the people choose to work, eat, and live. They need to be open, they need to work and the owners need the people to come in. Stop with the goddamn shutdowns, and let people use their free will and their pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I don’t have the platform or clout to raise this awareness but damnit thank God for Dave Portnoy, a man who doesn’t have to speak out. He has made it, he doesn’t have to give a shit about the working class, but he’s a good, man of the people guy. He needs to run for office, the New York City population needs a level headed blue collar guy like Dave to speak to the pulse of the people. I mean look at the video, you can see he genuinely cares for all the people that this will effect. Thanks Pres for looking out for the people who don’t have the voice. Do me one more favor, Run for Office, you will win by a land slide.

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