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Dave Portnoy Says $Penn Investors Will Get Yachts; Investors Can Park Yachts At His New Miami Dock! @stoolpresidente

Written by Chris Powers

One of my favorite things to watch on weekday mornings is Davey Day Trader Global. Dave Portnoy is entertaining in whatever he does, but DDTG (aside from the Pizza Reviews) has to be the most entertaining of all. As Portnoy claims, do not listen to anything he says about stocks. He is just simply along for the ride.

In this morning’s DDTG, Portnoy encouraged $Penn investors to be patient and that you don’t get yachts overnight. However, he did say that they would all “get yachts.” He specifically said that the investors will “sail the seven seas.” He also stated there would be a secret code that allows investors to access his private dock that he is currently building in Miami.

Aside from that, he said that when the dock is complete he might even have Pitbull playing in a “big ass tent” Allegedly, it is going to be the party of the century.

Now of course, Portnoy is likely saying all of this as “tongue in cheek.” Will everyone get yachts? Not likely. But his point is, stick with $Penn stock and you will see some gains. But again, as he says, don’t listen to anything he says about stocks.

However, would I put it past him for having a huge party for investors in Penn stock? Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me at all. You can check out the clip below so you can what Portnoy had to say.

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