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Dave Portnoy Says Julia Black, Business Insider Might Be Dropping Another Hit Piece on Him Soon (Video) | @stoolpresidente

Written by Nate

Here we go again.

On Twitter, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy called on an emergency press conference video early Thursday afternoon that he believes that his ‘old friend’ in Business Insider and Julia Black are working on another hit piece on him. The story very similar to the one that was proven to be false by NBC News last November.

Portnoy said he received a call from his lawyers on the story and was told Black and Business Insider were doing another story on him—even after the first story was published, in which Portnoy was not going to be investigated by police.

Here in the tweet thread below are the statements written by lawyer, Andrew Brettler:

Brettler said in the last photo that Julia and Business Insider has until 12:30 pm on Thursday to confirm that they will not publish the story on Portnoy, or be taken to court in the future.

Hopefully Black and Business Insider can comment back that they won’t publish the story, but it’s very possible that they’ll ignore it and publish it anyways.

This could really get ugly, but it would be nice for Julia and Businesses Insider to get dragged to court. It’d be great content for days.

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