I started this website in 2011 at the age of 13 at the time I didn’t have a clue what Barstool Sports was or who Dave Portnoy was but around 2013 I discovered him on BlogTalkRadio and slowly I became a fan. Over the last five years his rise to fame has been tremendous, something like no one has ever seen before.

But with fame comes a lot of haters, especially when you are in the no fucks given business. And over the last two years we’ve heard everything about Dave. From leaked sex tapes to sexual allegations that Portnoy was able to prove were false, we’ve seen everything.

But now? Dave recently learned about a new hit piece on him that is being worked out and he found out who the person was whose working on it. He told them that he would sit down and talk with them but they never would respond or sit down.

So what did he do?

He pulled the Dave Portnoy of old. He had a stake out. He found out that the journalist wasn’t too far from him, so he went there. He sat outside for a couple hours with his best friend and longtime employee, Gaz, and waited for the journalist to come outside.

“I’m doing an investigation report on their investigation report.” – Dave Portnoy

The journalist did eventually come outside. That’s when all hell broke loose. No, not punches. But words. Portnoy didn’t care what he was saying at that point. And needless to say the publication who was writing the story wasn’t happy that he sat outside. But who cares at that point if you are Portnoy. You’re going to do whatever you can to protect your name. And of course they don’t like when the table turns.

He said he couldn’t tell if the people were inside so they ordered pizza and then they came outside started arguing, during that the pizza arrived. Portnoy said he even recorded a pizza review right after it happened.

The entire situation is on video according to Portnoy but who knows if we will end up getting to see it. Dave said he liked how the video came out because he seemed to prove his point. Portnoy said he didn’t think he was threatening besides saying basically saying “what if I looked into your stuff?” but let’s be honest. That isn’t a threat, he’s just saying that’s what they’re doing to him, so how would they like it?

“This will really setback the Dave Portnoy has changed crew.”

You can watch Dave talk about it below:


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