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Dave Portnoy Said That He Would Sit Outside In 30°F For 12 Hours For $100,000, Mr. Beast Should Take Him Up On This Challenge – @MrBeastYT @stoolpresidente

Written by TrevStone

If you’ve followed my blogs at all you know that I’m a fan of two things, Barstool Sports and Mr.Beast. Well three, the Detroit Lions. But they don’t apply here.

Seeing I’ve been running Pro Sports Extra since 2011, I’ve followed Barstool since around then.

I’ve also watched the growth of their company and admire Dave ‘El Pres’ Portnoy who founded the Barstool newspapers originally and built it into the media empire it is today.

On top of that, Mr.Beast is one of my favorite YouTubers. He has crazy challenges and normally they involve TONS and TONS of money.

Recently a In N Out opened up and people were waiting for 12 hours for it. During the Barstool Rundown Dave was asked what he’d wait outside for in about 30 degree weather. Dave said that it would have to be about $100,000.

Now if I was Mr.Beast and he already hosts $100,000 challenges, and $1,000,000 challenges, I’d challenge Dave to sit outside for 12 hours waiting to see if he would give up or not.

And you might be thinking, why would I blog this? Why would Mr.Beast care? Well. He probably doesn’t, but he shared one of my blogs a few months ago onto his Instagram, so… maybe he’ll see this and offer Portnoy a deal.

The views would be crazy, both sides would gain fans.

Mr. Beast x Dave Portnoy? 2021?

Mr.Beast has 46M+ subscribers on YouTube and Dave has been getting involved with TikTok, why wouldn’t he work with the top YouTuber of 2020?

See the source image

Now, I am going to bed. It’d sure be nice to one of them retweeting this or even telling me this idea sucks. Either way, goodnight world.

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Trevor 'TrevStone' Uren founded Pro Sports Extra in 2011 at the age of 13. He's hosted a podcast since 14 years old and continues to grow each month! He's currently 24 years old and has interviewed hundreds of professional athletes, business owners, and others who are shining online! Uren has built Pro Sports Extra to over 5M monthly visitors.