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Dave Portnoy Rips Apart MyBookie After MyBookie Calls Him A Fake | MyBookie Is 100% ILLEGAL |Pat McAfee Suspends MyBookie

Written by TrevStone

MyBookie is under fire after trying to come after Dave Portnoy the founder of Barstool Sports. If you don’t know what MyBookie is by now, you probably never listed to a podcast because it seems like they sponsor 95% of podcasts…

But here is the thing…

You might not realize it….


MyBookie is an ILLEGAL sports betting website.

And before last night’s National Championship Portnoy was looking for a LEGAL bookie to place the biggest bet of his life….. And then that’s when a MyBookie employee started to run his mouth because Dave didn’t place the bet. Well why would he bet with an illegal sports bookie? And one that… Can’t even pay out people’s bets and has been known for stealing money and identity.

MyBookie Replied….

Then… The Internet spoke..

What does Portnoy have to say?

Needless to say..

Only idiots gamble with MyBookie.

Update: Dave Has Received A DM.

Pat McAfee has joined in and suspended MyBookie ads.

Roughly an hour after posting about all of this feud, Pat McAfee has decided to suspend MyBookie Ads as well.

Everyone will have to wait and see if more podcasters drop MyBookie, and what the end result will be.

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