Dave Portnoy Plans to Expose Julia Black/Business Insider in Live Emergency Press Conference | @stoolpresidente @mjnblack

Written by Nate

UPDATE: Feel free to tune in Dave’s press conference right now.

As announced on Twitter, at 2 pm Eastern time Thursday afternoon, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy is planning to go on an all-out expose on Business Insider, the outlet that wrote a smear article on him.

This expose will be targeting towards the journalist of the post, Julia Black, Business Insider’s CEO, Henry Blodget and their Editor-in-Chief, Nicholas Carlson.

This was pretty much expected as the ‘El Presidente’ was labeled and accused in a post written by Black a week ago of having ‘violent sexual affairs’ with several women. Some of them were considered to be in their early 20s.

Portnoy has denied those allegations, mentioning that it took the outlet eight months to get the piece altogether. He also stated via NBC News that Black did not reach out to Nantucket Police to provide or confirm any resources regarding the affairs.

The police are currently not placing Portnoy under investigation.

Though he was blocked on Twitter by Julia already, Portnoy made sure to alert her via email about the emergency press conference. He made the same email for Carlson.

However, both tweets that feature the emails were taken down by Twitter shortly after.

For fans of Barstool and of Portnoy himself, buckle up! This may end up getting ugly for all parties involved.

Like what Dave tweeted out multiple times already, tune in on Twitter at 2 pm. This is going to be good.

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