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Dave Portnoy Officially Announces His Presidential Run For 2024 – @stoolpresidente

Written by Nate

Is Dave Portnoy the ‘El Presidente’ of Barstool Sports going to be THE Presidente of the United States in a few years? That is the intriguing and trending question right now.

According to his recent tweets on Twitter, Portnoy is perhaps making an ‘official announcement’ that he could be running for President of the United States in 2024.

This tweet was following a thread that he was involved after seeing the 2024 Republican Party Primary Results in which former Vice President Mike Pence is leading with 21% in polling tally.

Portnoy probably would make a decent candidate with him and Barstool helping out the American folks and small businesses since his established success with the Barstool Fund, in which has supported almost 300 small businesses across the country with over $36 million raised.

However, the ‘Presidente’ has stated that if he doesn’t make over the 0% in the tallies, he’ll withdraw from the running.

Wish you luck Dave! Go Pres go!

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