Dave Portnoy Offers To Have Conversation With Gord Miller Who Attacked Barstool Sports @stoolpresidente @GmillerTSN

Written by TrevStone

Dave Portnoy is the mastermind behind the company Barstool Sports, and Gord Miller is a hockey announcer from what I know. I never heard of Mr. Miller until last night.

That’s when Miller decided to attack Barstool Sports. Miller denied going on the very popular hockey podcast Spittin’ Chiclets publicly although it’s unknown if he was actually invited. Miller started calling them just about everything that you could think of and most of the stuff you’ve probably heard already.

Right away Dave Portnoy was upset about all of this. You’re going to attack Portnoy? Well you better expect for him to put up a fight.

Then he decided to start a meme-war! Barstool has an employee VinDog who makes homemade live memes. VinDog was sent after Miller.

Sadly VinDog was banned from tweeting after this:

Now? Miller is playing the victim card.

Portnoy explained everything that happened here:

After all of this Dave Portnoy decided to DM him and ask him to have a sit down with him. And talk about his accusations against Barstool and Portnoy.

Will Miller except Portnoy’s offer? Doubtful. That’s normally what scumbag losers do. They talk, talk, talk but don’t want to back it up!

Has Barstool missed some jokes in the past? Yes. Has Barstool hit on majority of jokes? Yes. Barstool tries to make light of certain situations, constantly gives back, and to say they’re racist, sexist, they have one of the diverse teams in all of media!

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