Uh oh, we may have a legal volcano that is about to erupt very soon.

On Twitter just recently, Barstool Sports founder ‘El Presidente’ Dave Portnoy tweeted that he might be pursing legal action against media company Vice for an article claiming the Pres and Barstool were and attacking ‘harassing’ the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL).

This news literally came after Barstool’s CEO Erika Nardini said that she actually supports the NWHL and their efforts for good games and entertainment in the league.

Yeah, since Vice is not entirely credible in their claims and articles, especially in the article above, it is belief that this will be a good legal battle to start out this year in 2021.

We’ll take Dave and Erika’s words on this one at the moment. Let’s see how this goes.


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