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Dave Portnoy Is Single And He Isn’t Buying Women Gifts.. “Dave Is A Grown Single Man Who Fucks” | @stoolpresidente

Dave Portnoy is one of the most popular people in the entire United States and he’s constantly being talked about. If you’ve been living under a rock, Portnoy is the founder of the popular media company, Barstool Sports.

Recently multiple websites reported that he is dating ex- NFL cheerleader Shannon St. Clair and Portnoy has made it clear that he is single. Portnoy has been friends with her for many years.

She was in Miami celebrating her sisters 21st Birthday. They were all hanging out and her 21 year old sister started taking videos of Portnoy and making him look like a jackass. Portnoy even told her to put the phones down. One video showed Portnoy with a stack of money and it painted him in a bad light.

Portnoy said that he might have made a little move at a strip club, but who wouldn’t? Doesn’t mean he’s dating her.

There was another report that he was on a date with a brunette on Valentines Day.

Portnoy said that he did go on a date with a brunette on Valentines Day as well. But when you’re single and out in Miami, you’re going to be out with different people. When he was out with Shannon, a hot female from a couple tables away ‘eye fucked him’ and then slid into his DM’s. That’s who he was out to dinner with on Valentines Day.

If there is one thing that’s clear, HE FUCKS. He’s funny, rich, and he’s funny.

Oh, and there has been people on TikTok saying that he’s paying for everything for these females, buying them new clothing items, that’s far from the truth.

The female was wearing very expensive $15K-$20K shoes, but that doesn’t mean that Portnoy had anything to do with it. Portnoy has said multiple times that he goes to Miami he hardly spends any money. And if there is one person in the US that wouldn’t have to pay for sex… that would be Dave Portnoy.

When media asked Portnoy for a quote he said: “Dave Is A Grown Single Man Who Fucks”

If you’d like to hear Portnoy talk about this watch below:

Moral of the story is… Dave Portnoy can get with 99% of females. He doesn’t have to pay. He’s still single. He’s hanging out with good looking females – why wouldn’t he? And all these websites saying he’s in a relationship are wrong.

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