We all know Dave Portnoy’s name is one that is a revolving door when it comes to scandals and salacious headlines, and the one today is a different type of headline altogether.

Portnoy is being sued by, Brent O. Hatch for Portnoy’s alleged pump and dump.

Now, this lawsuit is actually funny because like Mr. HAtch I too decided to buy Safe Moon in solidarity with Portnoy and the rest of the Stoolies. I however am a normal god damn human and don’t let all of my errors and misjudgments be pushed onto others like baldy Hatch.

I lost my ass on Safe Moon along with Portnoy, (diamond hands bitch) and took my lashings in stride as a new lesson learned.

However, Mr. HAtch seems to think differently. Portnoy took to social media to air out his personal grievances for the world to see.

Now I am not sure if this was Brian Hatch or just some poor legal summoner but knocking for 10 minutes either was is insane as fuck.

Of course Portnoy cannot sit idly by while his name is tarnished and even showed pretty solid proof that quickly dispels this theory and law suit.

I mean his blockchain account alone will prove his innocence but this next video he shared may actually be his saving grace.

He clear as day warns us that this could be some sort of a Ponzi-Scheme and that he legit knows nothing about crypto currency and only made this purchase because it had the word “moon” in it and that is where he wants to go, “the fucking moon”.

We really have got to stop taking anything and everything these influencers say as final word. Most of them are just as stupid as the rest of us and got lucky because of a few videos.

Hopefully Portnoy skates out of this like he does everything else in life because he is in no wrong here.


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