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Dave Portnoy Had To File For Bankruptcy In 2004 Due To Gambling Losses – The True American Dream @stoolpresidente

Over the last couple of a days the Internet has been buzzing about Dave Portnoy who is the founder of Barstool Sports. Why is the internet a buzz? Because The New York Times recently posted a story about him and once again he was under attack. These companies know that when you mention Portnoy it’s going to bring in more clicks and money so they’ll literally spend a year reaching out to people to drag Portnoy’s name.

And Emily Steel is the author or what I’d call ‘scumbag’ who is doing it now, last time it was Julia Black. To the point that now Emily Steel dug up that in 2004 Portnoy had to file for bankruptcy due to gambling losses. An entire $30,000. And I can’t lie, I feel his pain. I’m struggling right now on my bets but for this story to break how many years later is crazy. This is around the time he first started Barstool.

And it’s pretty crazy to me that people are making this to be a big deal. Yeah, he basically runs a gambling company now, but mistakes happen, bad bets happen. If anything this should be the American Dream, dude went bankrupt gambling and now very well off.

But when Portnoy asked for a sit-down interview with Emily, she didn’t. Which makes this even worse. She knows that Portnoy would end up putting her in a pretzel like he does everyone else. And that’s why she didn’t. He would pull out more facts than what she’s found. And either way okay, he enjoys gambling and maybe at one point was gambling more than he could chew off; he’s learned and now his gambling habits have paid off. Big time.

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