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Dave Portnoy Going On CNN To Talk Barstool Fund? –

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy leaked some interesting and exciting potential news for The Barstool Fund today on his podcast “The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co.”

“I think CNN and I may do something tomorrow on their networks “ When asked by Eddie if there is any chance of Dave getting any time on CNN to continue promoting The Barstool Fund. ” The person who reached out seemed to be very friendly….everyone has their own agenda, I don’t, I just want as much publicity as we can get ”

Good for Dave, and I say that because just a week ago, Dave was ripping CNN for pretty much refusing to acknowledge The Barstool Fund.

The fund is now closing in on 24 Million, and the videos of Dave calling the businesses have been going viral left, and right, but still the National Media (outside of Fox and The Today Show) has ignored it. So when CNN started posting about what other celebrities are doing to help raise money, Dave rightfully threw a little jab out there at them. Now I am not sure if that tweet is what got CNN’s attention, but a week later, CNN reported about Aaron Rodgers and his generous donation to The Barstool Fund. Much to the happiness of Portnoy.

The Barstool fund started with 500k from Dave. Since then, countless Stoolies, Strangers, Business Owners, Celebrities and Athletes have all kicked in to the fund to get it where it is today.

If CNN and the national media aren’t afraid of saying ” Barstool Sports ” then the sky is the limit. But lets be honest with ourselves, all of these networks have heard about the Barstool Fund, they’re just ignoring it because they get scared to death to mention the name Dave Portnoy and Barstool Sports.

I hope CNN really has stepped up to the table, and will shed some more light on the incredible work Dave Portnoy and his team at Barstool Sports are doing.

Business owners of America deserve it. VIVA

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