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Dave Portnoy Goes On Gary Vee To Talk Barstool Fund |

Written by TrevStone

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, jumped on Gary Vee on YouTube today to talk about The Barstool Fund.

If you’re not familiar with The Barstool Fund it’s a fund that Barstool started to give money back to small businesses that need it. The requirements are that you have to be a business that’s been around for a couple of years along with still paying their employees.

Portnoy made it clear that Liz Gonzales who works for Barstool is helping run the fund and is doing an amazing job at it. And that they have a couple of people who go through the emails, then send them to Portnoy. Along with a process of looking into everything business wise with the company.

One of the biggest reasons that this is growing rapidly is because of the videos of Portnoy showing the business owners reactions. He’s literally changing lives.

Dave said that majority of the business owners almost don’t want to take the money because they’re hardworking and don’t want handouts. But they need it and they know they do. Some of the owners went to say that they’d pay them back because they don’t want handouts but need it to keep the business going.

If you ask me, that just proves that these business owners are grinding and trying to make everything happen. But at the same time don’t want a handout. They deserve it!

Barstool has already raised $7,500,000 and are already helping 30+ businesses.

They ended up talking football, boxing, wrestling and much more towards the middle and end of the stream. Gary ended up saying that he gives credit to Barstool Sports for creating a different aspect to boxing with Rough N Rowdy.

Gary mentioned playing Bubble Hockey during the stream. The two of them should meet up and play Bubble Hockey for the Barstool Fund. Just an idea, maybe charge $5 to watch it online – I’m sure they’d gain a lot of money for the fund!

If you’re able to donate anything – click here!

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