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Dave Portnoy Gets 12 Hour Ban from Twitter as Beef with Business Insider Continues – @barstoolsports @stoolpresidente #freeportnoy

Written by Nate

The public beef between Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy and Business Insider after they published a ‘hit piece’ on him has been a juicy one, but now on social media’s largest platform, Twitter has gotten involved.

Barstool’s official account has tweeted out that Portnoy has suspended for 12 hours due to sharing an email requesting Business Insider’s editor, Nicholas Carlson, to come on to his show and explain why they wrote that article.

And to no Barstool Sports fans’ surprise, they declined the invite.

The request was part of Portnoy’s campaign to let him speak his side of the ‘violent sexual affair’ story that has caught widespread attention. He did get a couple interviews in already, such as a brief clip below with FOX News political anchor Tucker Carlson.

We can bet there will be more interviews with Portnoy along the way, but it is expected that the founder might intend to sue Business Insider in the near future for either slander or malice.

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