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Dave Portnoy Called A Little Bitch On Fox News | @stoolpresidente

Written by schultzyca

Dave Portnoy went on Fox News with Charles Payne and they were talking about ‘meme stocks’ and the rise and fall of them. Payne was going on to talk about if Portnoy should feel bad after he was ‘mean’ to the Twitter trolls after they lost money off of these stocks and while Dave lost $700,000 on meme stocks during the pandemic. Portnoy went on to saw that there really is not a comparison between him and the Twitter trolls because he lost a lot of money while they only lost a little.

Charles went on to tell Dave that is not a fair statement and why is he acting people with smaller bank accounts, Payne did not understand that he was only attacking the people that were trolls and not attacking ‘common people’. Charles did not like Portnoy’s attitude and called him a ‘little bitch’ for complaining about losing money and these Twitter trolls attacking him.

In Dave’s defense he really put his neck on the line leading this ‘stonks’ movement and got a lot of people individual in the stock market who never would have been involved. Also Dave should never be blamed or called a bitch because he clearly states in his Twitter bio; “I’m not a financial advisor. Don’t trust anything I say about stocks.” So for that Dave thank you for being the peoples champ and presidente as always!

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