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Dave Portnoy Brings in Viral San Francisco Giants Fan to the Barstool Sports Team – @stoolpresidente @barstoolsports @jackkerrigan1

Written by Nate

Talk about a spur-of-a-moment hire.

A young, red, curly-haired San Francisco Giants fan with an incredible mullet went viral for his celebration from a big play by his hometown team a couple night ago.

The fan, who’s name is Jack Kerrigan, has gotten a lot of attention from that video. Such attention that he received an offer from the ‘El Presidente’ himself: Barstool Sports founder, Dave Portnoy.

Portnoy has tweeted out multiple posts that he was in talks with the 17-year-old Kerrigan, who does have one more year left in high school.

Even though it is possibly a one-year deal with him, Portnoy did go on to hire the fan, naming Kerrigan as the newest ‘San Francisco correspondent’ for Barstool Sports.

Kerrigan would join a growing list of notable, viral fans who were hired to the Barstool team, including Frank ‘The Tank’ Fleming, Vindog, Chris Castellani, and Coach Duggs.

**Headline Photo Courtesy: Kev Rich/Twitter**

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