Dave Portnoy Blocked Us On Twitter, And I Couldn’t Be More Confused – @stoolpresidente

Written by TrevStone

Well good morning folks! Afternoon, whatever the hell time it is that you’re reading this.

Last night before I went to bed a news story broke regarding Dave ‘El Pres’ Portnoy the founder of Barstool Sports. The story talked about his sexual past and how he enjoys filming during sex. Something that we already seemed to know. I was on Portnoy’s side. Just like I have been during majority of his conflicts. Hell, he even followed us on Twitter over the last year and a half. But guess what, I woke up this morning to being told that he blocked Pro Sports Extra on Twitter.

Maybe it’s because we shared our article on his tweets a couple of times, but for Portnoy to do this is pretty soft. Especially if you read the articles, they’re on his side. He can sit here and take heat from the commentors but as soon as another website shows they’re on his side he blocks us? I mean, if we were on the opposite side and saying he was a scumbag would he have blocked us? Probably not. He’d have sat there swinging back. But instead, this time he jumps on his high horse and blocks a group of ‘Stoolies’ who enjoy his content.

Block a group of people who are literally talking about how we believe his side of the story. I don’t want to switch up on Portnoy but… what the fuck? Honestly. You’re going to follow ProSportsExtra on Twitter for a couple of years and then out of nowhere block us because we are posting an article that we are on your side?

I’m sure that Portnoy will end up blocking my personal account once I tweet this out. But if he was a man of the people like he claims to be, he’d unblock us and follow us back. @ProSportsExtra

Why would you block a group that is on your side?! That doesn’t make any sense.

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