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Dave Portnoy and The BFF’s Podcast Broke YouTube Tonight! @stoolpresidente @joshrichards @BFFsPod

Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards found a way to break YouTube tonight. In a highly anticipated episode of The BFF’s Pod, Dave and his cast of misfits got together in Miami to discuss everything that has been going on in the world of TikTok. Unfortunately, everything fell apart.

In case you’re not familiar, The BFF’s Pod streams just like if you were watching a live show. Once the video is uploaded to YouTube you can essentially watch it at your disposal. However, tonight when the pod was premiering, YouTube could not handle the sheer amount of user activity.

Come to find out, nearly 1 MILLION viewers decided to watch the premier nearly all at the same time causing YouTube to literally break down. For anyone watching the pod, you couldn’t even view 10 seconds without YouTube crashing.

Moving forward, it may be in YouTube’s best interest to better prepare themselves the next time The BFF’s pod is due to air. Because with the amount of hype from Monday’s episode and the fallout from today, you know that Barstool fans are going to try and crash YouTube again.

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