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Dave Portnoy And Tana Mongeau Slept With The Same Person? @tanamongeau @stoolpresidente

Written by schultzyca

Yesterday Tana Mongeau tweeted that she was a fan of Barstool’s Dave Portnoy and I immediately thought she was doing this for clout.

But I guess it was the fact that she was getting booked on the BFF podcast with Josh Richards.

I wrote a blog yesterday saying that Tana might want to sleep with Dave, I was not too far off.

It was revealed on the podcast today that Tana and Dave slept with the same girl potentially in a wild turn of events.

It really doesn’t surprise me though I cannot imagine the number of woman that throw themselves at Dave and Tana seems to sleep with everyone (According to Dave and… herself) so it is not much of a shocker to me that this is a possibility. The only thing shocking is the person they slept with isn’t famous.

Here is a clip of the episode:

This really was the least shocking thing of 2020. Dave and Tana could be hooking up in the future who knows? This was a total way to get on the podcast and potentially for Tana to reach a new audience.

We will wait and see if there is more appearances at Barstool for Tana in the future she has already been on Call Her Daddy, now BFFs lets see what Dave has up his sleeve he is the king of content for a reason. All hail Dave.

Click here to watch the episode!

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