Man, this type of stuff that irks the hell out of me.

Savannah Chavez, of McAllen, Texas, gotten quite a few of hate replies from a tweet she posted her stepfather, who died last weekend while on duty responding to a domestic violence complaint.

In the screenshot picture of her tweet, she put up a heartwarming tribute, Ismael Chavez, and ended it with a #bluelivesmatter hashtag too.

And the replies to her tweet from a lot of people was sharply negative and taunting her in the slightest.

I get it, a lot of people are still angered and protesting over the murder of George Floyd that happened back in May, but having to spam the poor girl with this stuff, who’s stepfather actually died in the line of duty, that irritates me to my core.

Since my biological father is also a cop, I understand what she’s going through. I also would not fathom on how this girl is handling this situation at all.

Feel free to leave a kind message or DM on her Twitter account, but please take it on easy on her. My thoughts and prayers are out to her family at this time for them.