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Darrell Bevell Not Going For It On 4th Down, Down By 14 Caused Brayden Coombs To Take Manners Into His Own Hands? Now He’s Unemployed – #OnePride

Detroit Lions current interim head coach Darrell Bevell made a huge decision today by firing special teams coordinator Brayden Coombs.

This comes after Coombs decided to fake a punt yesterday during a loss to Tennessee. Coombs made the move on his own without telling anyone.

If you ask me… Bevell should have just went for it here. Bevell made Coombs go for it. There is no way that you punt while you’re down 14 with 5 yards to gain. Coombs decided to take that manner into his own hands and running a direct snap which ended up being inches short.

Inches short. If he gets the first, Coombs doesn’t get fired. It’s safe to say that. He didn’t get the first, so now? He’s fired. Seems soft. Shouldn’t you have trust in your coaching staff?

Asked about the call after the game, interim Lions coach Darrell Bevell said: “As far as the decision, the punt, we like some of the fakes that we had. We feel like our (personal protector) is a guy that’s got some good speed, have an opportunity to have the edge blocked and get him on the edge, so we ended up going with that. We could have definitely left the offense out there as well.”

Or is it because Bevell seems Coombs as someone whose a better fit than him? Bevell deserves to be upset for not knowing, but to fire someone is ridiculous. If you’re firing anyone, why not let that be the defensive coordinator who can’t draw up a defense to save his life.

Jack Fox ranks second in with a 45.3-yard net punting average and the Lions have three blocked punts and a blocked extra point.

Lions fans aren’t too happy:

Players are confused and upset:

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