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Dark Horse Rookie of The Year Jaelon Darden Will Be The Steal of The Draft @JDFlash1x

Written by austenlange

With the 2021 NFL Draft finally coming to an end it’s time for the ridiculous over reactions to start coming out. However, I think what I’m about to say won’t shock that many.

Somethings to know about Darden first off. He attended The University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. #GoMeanGreen Darden being drafted breaks a massive dry spell for the Mean Green. Before this last draft UNT hadn’t had a player drafted since 2004. Darden left UNT as their all-time leader in receptions (230), receiving yards (2,782), and receiving touchdowns (38).

Darden’s path wasn’t always a clear one. The young WR who was once committed to UNLV but fell through for some reason at the last minute. Darden has proven that he is an absolute workhorse that has shown his great progress and ability to perform. Each and every season he was at UNT he progressed. He went from barely sniffing the lineup when he came into camp to being the go to guy in Seth Littrel’s offense. To add to his versatility Darden returned punts for the Mean Green a time or two showing he’s even willing to go above and beyond to help the team.

Here Darden gives some insight into his life. He informs us of his late father, and how everything hes done has been a dream for the both of them. Him saying “He would be crying right now” just pulls at the heartstrings. Darden is highly motivated and I believe him slipping in the draft will give him that extra “chip on his shoulder”.

Darden may not have an immediate impact due to the high volume pass catchers Tampa Bay currently has but I think we could see a late season push from Darden sky rocketing him up in Tom Brady’s eyes. Darden is a workhorse, Brady loves those. Darden is mostly effective from the slot, Tom Brady loves throwing to athletic guys in the slot. Darden is also one of the most sure handed pass catcher/route runners from this draft and I just don’t see how him and Tom Brady don’t mesh. Jaelon Darden will be a household name soon enough. We’re just all lucky enough to bare witness.

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