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Danny Amendola Back To Detroit Lions? I’d love it!

Written by TrevStone

Danny Amendola is one of the most underrated wide receivers in the league. He’s short, gritty, and willing to do whatever to get the job done. Currently he is a free agent and honestly… I’d love to see him back in Detroit.

Amendola was brought in with the Patricia ERA, trying to bring in the Patriot way. Amendola instead started adopting something else, the Detroit way. Constantly rocking Detroit vs Everybody or any Lions pride shirts to show his life for the city, he’d do that. He made sure that he showed love to the city as soon as he arrived. Although sometimes he’s a hot head – his energy is hard to match.

Some people say that his production dropped off in Detroit, I say the opposite:

Amendola has been posting enjoying the offseason, posting “Wedding SZN” and looking like a stud. Amendola is also winning off the field as he’s dated some of the best looking models, click here to see! There’s no telling if he’s actually be back in Honolulu Blue, but I’d love to see it.

If Detroit is trying to build that gritty, knee cap eating culture, a veteran like Danny Amendola would be huge! Where else will he end up? Retired? Los Angeles with Stafford? Or back to New England? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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