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Daniel Snyder is a Massive Failure as an Owner and He Needs to Sell His Ownership Stake in the Washington Football Team @washingtonnfl

Written by Chris Powers

Daniel Snyder has been a massive failure in the NFL. There is simply no other way around it.

There is no way you could possibly argue otherwise. Sure, the team may be a financial success over the 20+ years he has owned the team. But as far as developing a consistently winning team, a long term coach, and keeping the fanbase happy, Snyder has been a horrible owner. Under Snyder’s regime, the Washington Football Team has gone 149-202-1 since 1999. In the 20+ years since he has owned the team, they have won five divisional championships and have only won one playoff game (2005). With that said, each time they won the division they more or less limped their way to victory and for the most part did not stand a chance of leaving the first round of the playoffs.

A large part of this stems from the fact that Snyder has been too involved by more or less acting as the General Manager of the team. Snyder has zero experience playing professional football, but for some reason feels the need to over insert his opinion on draft picks, free agent signings, and even pushing his head coaches about who should be starting at Quarterback. Furthermore, he has done a terrible job of hiring coaches or at least not giving them enough of a chance to build the team. Since 1999, the Washington Football Team has had 9 head coaches which would equate to Snyder hiring and firing someone every 2.3 years. I believe the fanbase has pretty high hopes for the Ron Rivera era given what Rivera was able to do with the team last year with the odds stacked against him, but the history of head coaches under Snyder would indicate Rivera has 2 or 3 years left before he gets shown the door.

Aside from poor coaching choices, terrible overall record, and need to act as if he is a competent General Manager, Snyder has found a way to alienate himself from the fanbase in many different ways. In 2020 alone, Snyder and his franchise were bombarded with multiple sexual harassment scandals. If that wasn’t enough, he finally had his hand forced by NFL sponsors to change the alleged racially insensitive name of the “Redskins.”

Snyder has done a great job of rubbing his fanbase the wrong way by attacking fans that speak out against him. For example, he sued a 72 year old woman who simply could no longer afford her season tickets. He also sued the Washington City Paper and staff writer Dave McKenna over a disparaging but fair article that McKenna wrote. Eventually, Snyder’s claims were deemed so baseless that eventually dropped the suit. Then there are the little things like informing season ticket holder in 2005 that tickets could only be purchased using the “Redskins Mastercard.” The guy even went as far as charging fans $10 to watch the team during training camp.

Simply put, this guy is an asshole.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that the Snyder era has more than run its course in Washington and there are very few fans that would like to see him stay. There have been rumblings over the past year that Snyder may be put in a position whereby he is forced to sell his stake. There have been rumors that former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is interested in buying the team. At this point, I really don’t care who owns the team. All I want is a team name and an owner that is not the devil incarnate.

Do a favor to what little fanbase you have left in Washington, Danny Boy. Please step aside and never return to the NFL again.

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